Railways Budget 2018-2019


Railways Capital Expenditure for the year 2018-19 has been pegged at Rs.1,48,528 crore.
A large part of the Capex is devoted to capacity creation. 4000 kilometers of electrified railway
network is slated for commissioning during 2017-18. Work on Eastern and Western dedicated
Freight Corridors is in full swing. Adequate number of rolling stock – 12000 wagons, 5160
coaches and approximately 700 locomotives are being procured during 2018-19. Over 3600 kms
of track renewal is targeted during the current fiscal. Redevelopment of 600 major railway
stations is being taken up.
Mumbai‟s local train network will have 90 kilometers of double line tracks at a cost of
over Rs.11,000 crore. 150 kilometers of additional suburban network is being planned at a cost
of over Rs.40,000 crore, including elevated corridors on some sections. A suburban network of
approximately 160 kilometers at an estimated cost of Rs.17,000 crore is being planned to cater to
the growth of the Bengaluru metropolis.

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