Infrastructure and Financial Sector Development Budget 2018-2019

Infrastructure and Financial Sector Development

Emphasising that infrastructure is the growth driver of economy, the Finance Minister
estimated that investment in excess of Rs.50 lakh crore is needed to increase growth of GDP and
connect the nation with a network of roads, airports, railways, ports and inland waterways. He
announced increase of budgetary allocation on infrastructure for 2018-19 to Rs.5.97 lakh crore
against estimated expenditure of Rs.4.94 lakh crore in 2017-18.
The Government has made an all-time high allocation to rail and road sectors and is
committed to further enhance public investment. The Prime Minister personally reviews the
targets and achievements in infrastructure sectors on a regular basis. Using online monitoring
system of PRAGATI alone, projects worth 9.46 lakh crore have been facilitated and fast tracked.
To further boost tourism, the Budget proposes to develop ten prominent tourist sites into
Iconic Tourism destinations by following a holistic approach involving infrastructure and skill
development, development of technology, attracting private investment, branding and marketing.
Under the Bharatmala Pariyojana, about 35000 kms road construction in Phase-I at an
estimated cost of Rs.5,35,000 crore has been approved.

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