23. Frontend Business Process on GST Portal

Q 1. What is GSTN?

Q 2. What is the genesis of GSTN?

Q 3. What services will be rendered by GSTN?

Q 4. What is the interface system between GSTN and the states/CBEC?

Q 5. What will be the role of GSTN in registration?

Q 6. What is the role of Infosys in GSTN?

Q 7. What are the basic features of GST common portal?

Q 8. What is the concept of GST Eco-system?

Q 9. What is GSP (GST Suvidha Provider)?

Q 10. What will be the role of GST Suvidha Providers?

Q 11. What are the benefits to taxpayers in using the GSPs?

Q 12. What will be the role of taxpayers w.r.t GST Common Portal being developed and maintained by GSTN?

Q 13. What will be the role of tax officers from State and Central Govt in respect of the GST system being developed by GSTN?

Q 14. Will GSTN generate a unique identification for each invoice line in GSTN system?

Q 15. Can invoice data be uploaded on day to day basis?

Q 16. Will GSTN provide tools for uploading invoice data on GST portal?

Q 17. Will GSTN be providing mobile based Apps to view ledgers and other accounts?

Q 18. Will GSTN provide separate user ID and password for Tax Professional to enable them to work on behalf of their customers (Taxpayers) without requiring user ID and password of taxpayers, as happens today?

Q 19. Will tax payer be able to change the tax professional once chosen in above mentioned facility?

Q 20. Will existing taxpayers under Central Excise or Service Tax or State VAT have to apply for fresh registration under GST?

Q 21. Will GSTN put training videos on various aspects of working on GST portal for the benefit of taxpayers?

Q 22. Will the return and registration data furnished by the taxpayers on the GST Common Portal wil remain Confidential?

Q 23. What are the security measures being taken by GSTN to ensure security of the GST system?

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