18. Settlement Commission

Q 1. What are the basic objective of Settlement Commission?

Q 2. Can tax disputes arising on account of both intra-state and inter-state transactions be settled under the MGL?

Q 3. What is meant by a Case under the provisions of Settlement in the MGL?

Q 4. What will be the composition of members which will consider/hear settlement application?

Q 5. What happens when there is difference of opinion amongst members hearing the settlement application?

Q 6. Who can apply for settlement?

Q 7. What should be the contents of the settlement application?

Q 8. What are the conditions which must be fulfilled before application for settlement can be accepted?

Q 9. What are the circumstances in which application for settlement cannot be entertained?

Q 10. Can the applicant withdraw his settlement application once filed?

Q 11. What orders can be passed by the Settlement Commission?

Q 12. What are the circumstances in which order of Settlement Commission can be revoked?

Q 13. Who cannot use Settlement Commission?

Q 14. What are the powers of Settlement Commission?

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